Johnny Vac JV252 Supercharged

299.95 $

  • Long Lasting High-Performance 25.2 V BLDC Motor
  • 2-Speed Control
  • Cyclonic Filter
  • Cordless
  • Bagless
  • Lightweight
  • Charging Indicator
  • Multipurpose Stick Vacuum
  • Easily Manoeuvrable Around Obstacles
  • Easy-to-Empty Dust Bin
  • Swivel Foot
  • LED Headlights on Power Nozzle
  • 1-Year Warranty
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Designed for the day-to-day cleaning of the house with silent and powerful brushes for all types of floors. Rechargeable, it provides up to 25 minutes of cleaning power to remove dust on one streak. Easy to handle, JV252 is perfect for pet owners.
A simple click and the JV252 becomes an hand vacuum to remove dust and clean furniture, sofas and even your car. It will be easy to use both on higher areas than at ground level. Equipped with wall bracket mount hanger, you can leave the vacuum on it when not in use, and it will always be ready when needed.

What’s in the box?

Crevice tool, dusting and upholstery brush
Power Nozzle
10” Electric power nozzle with LED headlights
HEPA Filter
Microfiltration HEPA filter
Clip-on Tube Tool Hanger
It carries the 3-in-1 tool everywhere you go
Battery Charger
Estimated time to fully charge is 3 hours
Wall Mount Bracket Hanger
For a fast and easy storage of your device
Lithium Battery
25.5 volts long lasting Lithium-Ion battery
Carpet Roller Brush
Interchangeable roller brush for carpets
Hardfloor Roller Brush
Interchangeable roller brush for hardfloors
Aluminum Tube
Solid & lightweight aluminum tube