The specialist in Sewing Machines and Vacuum Since 1966

Are you looking for a new or used sewing machine ? A place to fix it? Or does your vacuum cleaner need maintenance ? You’re at the right place. Plourde sewing machine has been serving  its customers for over 50 years. We know industrial and domestic sewing machines and vacuum cleaners inside and out!

We sell sewing machines and vacuum cleaners, new or used, we also have a repair and sale service for parts and accessories, regardless of the brand.

A Little History on This Sewing Business

Founded on Augst 11, 1966, by Guy Plourde and his wife Rachel, the seamstresses’ favourite business had a  storefront in several places in the early years. Moving from Court Street, Saint-François Street in rented premises, it was 5 years later that the founders became owners of a building on Du Pouvoir Street.

The business had the wind in its sails when the owners were unfortunately expropriated. They then settled on Victoria Street, where the business is still operating.

A New Brand is Added to the Famous Necchi Sewing Machine

The Janome brand was added to Necchi. Today, the shop’s large inventory offers a full range of domestic Janome sewing machines. The majority of sewing machine brands are available in industrial sewing machines.

Plourde Sewing Machines hadn’t set any limits and shortly after its opening, vacuum cleaners, commonly known as “sweepers”, were also sold. Starting with the renowned Eureka, vacuum cleaner brand, the La Vallé and DrainVac brands followed. The latter is still the business’s most common brand of central vacuum cleaners.

The succession of Plourde Sewing Machines is Assured

From towns to villages,  Mr. Plourde gives his customers the promised service, while Madame is always ready to welcome customers who come through the shop door. It was in September 2002 that the couple passed the company to their only son, Sylvain.

Sylvain expanded the business in 2005 to provide an enhanced shopping experience to his customers. A room for sewing classes was set up to welcome new sewing enthusiasts who wanted to develop their talent.

With the aim of always providing good service to his customers, a nearby office is used as a warehouse. The inventory allows to have on hand the piece the sewing machine, or the accessory that is needed for equipment to be restarted or refurbished.

Sylvain Plourde and his employees are proud to offer the same good service that has made the business’s reputation. Always flexible and paying attention to the needs of their customers, it’s on the web that the business is now expanding its activities. You can visit the  Shop here.

In addition, since fall of 2018, the business has partnered with the Mira Foundation through its main supplier of central vacuum cleaners DrainVac. With each purchase of DrainVac Mira vacuum cleaners, a donation is made to the foundation. Everyone can contribute by choosing this type of vacuum cleaner.

At Plourde Sewing Machines, we’ve been selling ours and repairing yours for over  50 years!