commercial or industrial canister vacuum

Whatever your industry, we can set up your commercial or industrial canister vacuum cleaner according to your needs.

Mobile industrial vacuum cleaners are perfect for all industries requiring powerful and mobile systems. These vacuum cleaners are perfect for:

  • Mobile cleaning teams
  • Industrial areas
  • Disaster services
  • Specialized cleaning teams
  • Etc.

Each mobile industrial vacuum cleaner is custom-made to your needs. Powerful, mobile and soundproof, these systems are perfect for all large areas that don’t have a central vacuum cleaner.

The industrial collection is equipped with a motor as powerful as a central vacuum cleaner. In addition, these vacuum cleaners are equipped with a very wide-range automatic draining system and hose.

Depending on your needs, the commercial collection can be sold either on casters, on a janitor cart or on a three-wheeled cart with a retractable hose system. The suggested vacuum cleaners can suck up dry or wet and be fitted with a connection system to drain directly into the sewage system.

For an ideal canister vacuum cleaner for your business, and at the best value for your money in the business.