Industrial Central Vacuum

Industrial Central Vacuums

Regardless your industry, we can set up your commercial or industrial central vacuum according to your needs.

Powerful and versatile vacuum cleaners for the most demanding customers!


Our collection of industrial and commercial central vacuum cleaners is designed for regular maintenance of every type of industry:

  • Car Dealer
  • Agriculture
  • Food
  • Military
  • Large Space
  • Factory
  • Car Dealer
  • Hotel
  • Animal care
  • Etc.

Each central vacuum is custom made to your needs with a three-phase motor supporting up to 6 users at the same time without loss of power (in the industrial collection).

As an option you can add:

• Multiple engines
• Programmable control panels
• Automatic pipe cleaning system
• Wet and dry suction
• Automatic draining system connected to the sewage system
• Variable frequency drive system (to save energy depending on your use)
• Any other custom-made system to fit your industry

For a central vacuum cleaner ideal for your business, at the best value for your money in the business!