3650HD – Heavy Leather Industrial Sewing Machine

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  • Needle sizes: #23 to #27
  • Thread sizes: #69 to #350
  • Presser Foot clearance: 1/2″
  • Maximum stitch length: 7mm
  • Cylinder bed length: 10.5″
  • Table dimensions: 47 x 21 x 24 to 31.5″ (adjustable height)
  • Techsew SmartServo motor: 800W, 1HP, 110V, 0 to 1800RPM, 18 speed settings with bright LED display.


The Techsew 3650HD is a heavy material sewing machine designed for use in sewing projects such as horse tack repair, harnesses, holsters, bridles, horse blankets, heavy webbing, canvas, synthetics and more. With its 7/16″ sewing capacity and 10.5″ long cylinder arm, the Techsew 3650HD makes large and heavy sewing projects a breeze. The Techsew SmartServo motor and speed reducer give you the highest amount of torque possible, while providing great speed control for slow stitching. This system is ideal for beginners, amateurs and professional sewers.